Borotec enjoys a tradition of precision and innovation in mechanics and micro-mechanics, offering machining solutions that are perfectly suited to making complex parts, while meeting to the set deadlines.


  • We will make your parts using our CAD/CAM softwares Mastercam 2020 and AlphaCAM 2020.
  • If we have no actual model, we will work on your projects based on your drawings and ideas.
  • All CAM data is systematically saved, so it can be retrieved easily for any future orders.


  • Totally automated manufacture of sophisticated parts using 3 to 5 axis CNC machining centres.
  • Complex geometry (3D) multi-facet machining.
  • Prototypes, one-off or mass-produced parts.

Wire electro-erosion from Ø 0.03 (30 µm) to 0.3 mm

  • Using wire electro-erosion, we produce complex forms down to the smallest detail in all conductive materials.


  • We have cylindrical and surface grinders. We can also grind angles and complex graduations with our all-purpose grinder.
  • All our grinding work is carried out on small to medium-sized parts, whether individually or mass-produced.


  • CNC machining by turning small and complex parts, in small and large quantities.

Sub-contracted surface treatments

  • Tempering and refinement work
  • Various coatings
  • Deburring/polishing
  • Micro-blasting/sandblasting
  • Micro-polishing/polishing
  • Other finishing operations