Our SpeedMarker 700 fibre laser marking workstation provides all the benefits of a galvo marking system thanks to its innovative DirectMark software, working just like a printer.

We can mark directly from your normal graphics files, onto flat or cylindrical metal and plastic surfaces. We can mark parts, components, nameplates, barcodes, serial numbers and any decorative features (e.g. logos, graphics, photos).

SpeedMarker 700

  • Type of laser : fibre
  • Operating mode : high speed
  • Marking area : 310 x 310 mm
  • Max. component height : 570 mm
  • Laser power : 20 W

Video presentation (25 s / 9.5 MB)

Typical applications

  • Component marking
  • Nameplates
  • Mandatory regulatory information (e.g. weapons, medical equipment, etc.)
  • Laser marking of advertising and promotional material